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What are Projecting Signs? Everything You Need to Know – 2021

Projecting signs are a great way to make your business stand out from the others on the block. A projecting sign attaches to the wall of your building with visible signage on both sides. Businesses use projecting signs for increased visibility for vehicles and foot traffic – especially on densely packed urban sidewalks and streets. 

Learn everything there is to know about projecting signage, and how your business can use it to increase visibility. Find out how you can customize your sign to best fit your brand image. And, see how easy and quick a professional installation takes place for this type of business sign. 

What are Projecting Signs and How Do They Better Your Business?

Projecting signs are great for increasing your business’s visibility to people on the street, as well as traffic driving by. For densely packed cities, projecting signs are a great way to increase your profile and optical status amongst the visible competition around your location. It is an ideal type of signage for retail, restaurants, and other types of destination venues in heavily-trafficked areas. 

A projecting sign sticks out beyond the fascia of your building, running vertically along the wall of the structure. Each side of the sign provides promotional space for your business to utilize. They are also called flag-mounted signs, protruding signs, or blade signs.

Protruding Signs are Oriented Vertically

Protruding signs are unique to business signage because they are almost always vertically oriented. That means the lettering reads from top to bottom in a vertical row. Vertically oriented lettering can require alterations of your business logo to accommodate, so trust a professional sign design team to offer different options for adapting your business logo to your projecting sign.

Add Illumination to Heighten the Optical Quality of Your Sign

Illumination is a way to enhance the visibility and aesthetic quality of your business’s sign. Protruding signs accommodate a variety of lighting methods, the most common of which being lit lettering or backlit lettering. Backlit lettering illuminates a raised letter from behind, whereas lit lettering features lighting within an opaque letter.

Use Double-sided Signage for Wayfinding

When you walk down a city sidewalk, it is always easier to see projecting signs, because they are looking at you, rather than you having to turn your head to look for the sign. If your business is contending with heavy foot traffic and optical competition, protruding signs are an effective solution. And, they add an upscale aesthetic to your facade, increasing your brand recognition

Likewise, the visible advantage to a protruding sign is even more obvious when looking across the street. From a distance, protruding signs stand out from over a block away, whereas flat signs require a customer to be standing almost directly in front of your establishment before making an optical recognition of the sign. And, double-sided means that they are perfect for people and traffic going in any direction.

Professional Design and Installation Makes the Difference

When it comes to the design and installation of a protruding sign, it is important to have experienced hands guiding the process. Protruding signs are uniquely beneficial for providing visibility at a distance. That means the proportions and elevation of the sign should correspond to the distance at which you want patrons to see your signage. 

The size, color, and attributes of design elements go through stages of planning before committing the design to material. In keeping with the integrity to which the signs are designed, professional installation must follow suit to enable the most advantages for enhancing visibility. When it comes to installing a protruding sign, it can involve blocking off streets and other construction requirements that need to be approved. So, make sure to consult a professional sign design and installation team to make sure you have all the proper permits and approvals in order. 

Once installed, protruding signage works to add polish and an optical quality enhancement to your business – even at a distance. Ready to start a custom sign for your business? Talk to a sign design associate for a free consultation to begin your custom projecting sign design process.