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Top Types of Commercial Signs for Your Business in 2020

There are different types of commercial signs to best suit different business needs. Signage is a vital part of identifying your business to the outside world. And, depending on the type of sign you choose, it can transform the way your business location attracts customers.   

Learn everything you need to know about the different types of commercial signs available for your business location. Find out which type of sign looks best, and find out which types are viable for your usage. Let your imagination go wild and imagine the possibilities of how you can promote your message.  

Best Types of Commercial Signs for Your Business Signage in 2020

Commercial signs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Your business sign serves multiple purposes, from providing directions, to welcoming visitors. Each has a different way of featuring text and imagery to capture the eye and convey your message.

Pylon Signs – Tall and Visible

If you are looking for commercial signs for a retail area or parking lot, pylon signs are a great choice. Pylon signs are perfect for catching the eye of drivers to direct them into your business complex or storefront. This type of signage is anchored into the ground from a cement slab and stands free from the building. 

The main advantage of pylon signage is its visibility, so they are usually at least 12 feet tall. Pylon signs can hold multiple businesses logos, or just one. Thus, it is often the first sign someone sees when locating your business.

Pylon signs can be customized with backlighting and neon illumination. For business complexes, pylon signs can include a digital message board to display current information. And, to attract visitors from both sides of the street, pylon signs can be double-sided.  

Monument Signs – Short and Visible

If the area for your signage has height restrictions, a monument sign is a perfect solution. Monument signs are similar to pylon signs but shorter. Meant for viewing at eye level, monument signs usually are no taller than five or six feet. 

Like a pylon sign, monument signs are great for displaying multiple businesses or a single business. They are customizable with backlighting and neon illumination, as well as optional digital messaging. If you need to convey your message to oncoming traffic but are limited by zoning restrictions on the height of your sign, a monument sign is a great choice.  

Illuminated Signage and Backlit Signs – Highly Visible and Energy Efficient

Illuminated signage is perfect for businesses that are open late-night, or with information that only needs to be displayed when it is relevant. Unlike other types of commercial signs, illuminated signage is only lit-up when the sun goes down, or when it needs to be – like a “no vacancy” sign at a hotel. And, the lighting source is LED to save energy.

Backlit signs are visible by day without illumination. At night, backlit illumination is usually supplied by fluorescent or LED light sources. This is a great option for a wide range of businesses and sign uses. 

Choose from a wide range of sizes, from large exterior models to those suitable for the interior of your business. The biggest advantage of illuminated and backlit signage is that it is highly visible in the dark, and also serves the same purpose during daylight. 

Banner Signage – Convenient and Short-term

If you need signage to feature short-term or temporary messaging, such as a “Big Sale” sign, a banner is a perfect choice. Banner signage can be vertically or horizontally designed and can feature almost anything. Banners can be rolled up to store away until they are needed, making them great for announcing events, openings, and more. 

Channel Cut Lettering – Contemporary and Dynamic

Channel cut lettering is individually made signage letters that install together to form your business sign. Each letter is usually at least a square foot in diameter and can be much larger. They can be made from a range of materials, including plastic, metal, acrylic, and even wood. 

Channel cut letter signs can be great at night and provide visibility in low lighting. Each letter can hold LED lighting elements, which can illuminate from within the letters facade or backlit from behind to create a halo effect. 

Window Signs, Lettering, and Graphics – Space Saving and Convenient

If your business has window space, make use of it with window signage. Window signs can include text, graphics, or multi-sign lettering to spread between several windows. Window signs are perfect for featuring marketing materials within your location. 

Window signage is very visible in the daylight, however, does not provide nighttime visibility. But, if you’re trying to make the most of your window space or to expand your marketing content, window signs are a convenient solution. 

Digital Signs – Highly Visible and Effective

Digital signs are the most visible and visually striking of all commercial signs. Digital signage is dynamic, in that it can display a wide range of messaging and graphics. Digital signs are a perfect choice for making your business stand out from the rest. 

These electronic signs are designed with LCD, LED, or projection technology to act similar to a computer monitor or television screen. The sign can display text, video, graphics, and eye-catching transitions. This is the right solution for businesses with periodically changing information, or to display things like the weather and current time.

These are just a few of the commercial signs available for your business. Want to learn more about commercial signs and your business signage options? Talk to a signage expert today to see which type of sign is best for your business.