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What are Floor Signs, Decals, and Stickers? Everything You Need to Know

Signage on the floor might seem strange, but floor signs, stickers, and decals are more effective in 2020 than ever. More people are walking around with their eyeballs glued to the screen in their hands, which is why floor signage is so useful for marketing purposes and information conveyance. Ground signs play a unique and essential role in public safety, as well as offer a largely untapped surface on which to advertise.

Learn everything you need to know about floor signage in 2020. Find out about the many ways in which you can utilize floor stickers and signs as an advertising medium, safety asset, and logistics tool in your business. And, discover value in your real estate that you never knew existed, right beneath your feet. 

Everything You Need to Know About Floor Signs – 2020

Floor signs make use of previously unused display areas – the floor or ground. They utilize the fact that, as of 2019, nearly 60% of smartphone users are looking down at their screens while walking. And, when walking without a smartphone in-hand, people’s gaze tends in a downward direction – a natural way of keeping the sun out of your eyes or shielding from the wind and rain.

The reasons to place a decal or sign on the floor can vary. Usually, businesses find the most use in placing signs on the floor that help inform or organize individuals. You can also place floor sign advertising in highly trafficked areas.

For What Purposes is Floor Signage Useful? Information, Safety, and Visibility

A floor sign is usually made out of vinyl and is printed with an adhesive graphic. The vinyl floor sign material is very thin, measuring 3.4 millimeters. Floor decals are semi-permanent, meaning that it can last up to 5-years in a single location, and at the same time, is easy to install and remove. 

These signs are made to be walked on, so there’s no need to divert foot traffic. The sign is thinner than a standard doormat, so individuals barely feel anything under their feet as they walk over it. And, a floor sign can be installed on any solid surface, such as hardwood, concrete, laminate, tile, and more.  

Floor Decals for Safety

One of the most important uses of floor signage is for safety purposes. As mentioned before, most people are walking around with their smartphone, without looking at where they are going. Cities across the country have begun placing signs on the ground in front of crosswalks to keep pedestrians safe from oncoming traffic.

Industrial settings and manufacturing facilities are popular locations to make use of floor decals for safety and organization. Signage on the ground helps direct forklifts, workers, and materials – keeping the factory traffic moving swiftly and safely. They are also great for placing on the ground in front of heavy machinery to warn people of hazardous zones. 

Floor Decals for Conveying Information and Displaying Ads

Another place where floor signs are helpful is in public parks, zoos, shopping malls, and retail department stores. Remember, your customers are looking down more than anywhere else, which is why the ground is a great place to put important information, such as aisle numbers, a “you are here” map, directions, or promotional QR codes. 

Beyond information, you can choose to display full advertisements on your floor, making use of the most visible and underutilized place your customers are looking. The options for advertising on the floor are endless, and you can get as creative as you want with the display. You can even choose lit-up floor signs, featuring custom glowing graphics for use at night. 

Floor Decals for Adhering to CDC Guidelines

A new and critical use for floor signage is due to the CDC health guidelines for businesses during COVID-19. Floor decals are great for marking out the 6-foot distance between shoppers waiting in line to enter the store or pay for their goods. Instead of taping a piece of paper to the floor, the benefit of a professionally made floor sign is the quality of design and durability of the decal.

Unlike more permanent signage, floor decals are perfect for temporary promotions, experimenting with marketing strategies, and providing additional dimensionality to your space. They provide a means by which to help keep your employees and customers safe and informed while on the premises, and creates a stand-out visual experience for displaying advertisements. Talk to a sign design specialist to get a quote on floor signs for your business, today.