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Vehicle Wraps: Benefits of Mobile Signage for Your Business in 2020

Vehicle wraps are a great way to gain brand awareness in your local community. With more Americans avoiding traveling by air and public transportation, vehicles are more visible and prominent than ever. And, there are several unique benefits for small businesses to use mobile signage in 2020 and 2021. 

Learn everything you need to know about the benefits of using vehicle wrap signage to promote your business. Find out why more small businesses are implementing mobile signage as a unique form of outdoor advertising. And, see how vehicle wrapping offers an affordable and scalable means of increasing brand awareness in your area. 

The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps For Small Businesses in 2020 and 2021​

In a world that is saturated with “digital”-this, and “social media”-that, vehicle wraps are a refreshing reminder of the foundation of brand awareness: exposure. Whereas the former executes with pin-point precision, physical signage indiscriminately provides exposure to anyone and everyone who passes by. And, beyond blunt-exposure, vehicle wrap signage provides the unique benefit of mobility to different audiences. 

So, what exactly is a vehicle wrap or car wrap, and how does it help to convey your message to a wider audience?  

What are Vehicle Wraps? Everything You Need to Know

A vehicle wrap or car wrap is a form of brand advertising that features your desired graphic on a vehicle. The most common technique for wrapping a vehicle is to print a graphic on a series of vinyl sheets which are customized for each vehicle. The graphic adheres to the vehicle’s body to create a seamless visual transformation.

A custom car wrap offers unique benefits to businesses looking to create mobile advertising. A vehicle wrap is cheaper than a custom paint job, and it looks better. Car wraps are a cost-effective way to give your entire vehicle a brand-new look, from head to foot. 

What Types of Businesses Get Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wrapping is an effective form of mobile advertising to increase brand awareness and recognition of your business. Every type of business, from house cleaning services to law firms finds benefits in a traveling piece of signage. You can probably see vehicles wrapped in business signage on any city street in America, like food trucks, Geek Squad, and local realtors. 

Car wraps are a great idea for any business because increasing brand awareness in local communities is to the benefit of every business. Businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles use vehicle wrapping to create uniformity and recognition of their business, and individual owners use it to directly promote services to their immediate community. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wrapping Vehicles in Mobile Signage

On top of the marketing benefits, mobile signage adds a layer of protection to the body of your vehicle. The vinyl wrap acts as a scratch-resistant film layer that protects the paint job. And, wraps come off as easily as they go onto a vehicle, without disturbing the original paint. 

The biggest benefit to a vehicle wrap is the exposure it gets. What other type of signage is so mobile? And, no matter what time of day, your vehicle is always promoting your business, whether it is sitting in a driveway, parking lot, driving down the highway or tailgating a football game. 

To change the audience exposure to social media marketing campaigns, it takes time and money to strategize and redeploy your message. With a mobile sign, all you have to do is drive into the next town over and park. Every moment your vehicle is moving, you are exposing your brand to new audiences and new customers. 

When it comes to how effective your vehicle wrap conveys your message, it is all in the design. When it comes to designing the wrap that goes on your business vehicle, the best choice is to work with a sign design professional to create the most engaging display for your brand and message. Talk to a mobile sign designer for a free consultation on your business’s custom vehicle wraps.