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Why You Should Invest in Electronic Message Centers

The primary reason you should invest in electronic message centers is it is a cost-effective way of promoting your business in an eye-catching and timely fashion. Electronic message centers are digital signs that can display dynamic words, symbols, figures or images. You can display different messages at different times, on different days and for different seasons. You can target rush-hour drivers, parents picking up their children from school, worshipers headed to church or fans leaving a game.

Electronic message centers also frequently have greater visibility from further distances, especially in poor lighting conditions. The signs stand out from many other signs. They add a “Wow!” factor.

Many who travel past your electronic message center will see it many times, giving you multiple exposures but the ability to deliver distinct messages. People also are accustomed to viewing content on smartphones, tablets and computers, so digital signs naturally draw their attention.

Electronic Message Centers Are Versatile

Electronic message centers keep your message fresh and interesting. It allows you to store and display multiple messages in a variety of formats and at varying intervals. Instead of going outside, climbing a ladder in windy or inclement weather to alter a sign, messages can be changed with a few clicks while sitting inside at a computer.

Electronic message centers not only offer more color and attract more attention than static signs, they also can include broadcast-quality graphics, animations and video as well as messages. You can constantly update your graphics so they are state-of-the-art.

Most importantly, they allow real-time communication as well as customized messaging tailored to your brand. It lets you let people know about an upcoming sale or event. It allows you to share a holiday message with customers or alert customers to changes in hours or product offerings.

The electronic message centers also can deliver public service messages or offer congratulations to community members. People often come to depend on electronic message centers to keep up to date. And passersby often look forward to reading clever new messages.

 It is an all-purpose sign.

Electronic Message Centers Are Cost-Effective

A study by the U.S. Small Business Administration found that electronic message centers were the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertising. The study found that the average business can expect to see a minimum increase in business of 15 percent up to as much as 150 percent after installing an electronic message center. The study found that the only form of advertising that might be more effective is word of mouth.

Another advantage of electronic message centers is they target people going past your business. An ad on TV, on radio or in a newspaper might be seen by someone who lives or works miles away and is unlikely to stop at your business. A person reading an electronic sign is practically on your doorstep. Also, the electronic message centers can send messages 24 hours a day.

Electronic message centers are durable so they last for years, so they can save money in the long term. So electronic message centers are a great way to attract attention and grow your business. They are a wise investment.