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What is Dimensional Lettering? Total Guide with Examples – 2021

Dimensional lettering is a great way to make your business signage really “pop.” Instead of a boring two-dimensional wall sign, dimensional signage is a contemporary, engaging three-dimensional alternative. And, dimensional signage doesn’t have to break the bank in 2021. 

Learn everything you need to know about dimensional lettering and signage for your business. Find out what types of materials and pricing exists for using dimensional signage. And, learn how to pick a signage style that best fits your branding standards.

   What is Dimensional Lettering? Everything You Need to Know

Dimensional lettering does more than just inform people about your business – it gives the environment character. It is the easiest and most effective way to bring a dull space to life. Dimensional signage creates a strong modern aesthetic that extends and compliments your business’s brand.

Whether you are designing your business or updating your existing business, it is easy to overlook the importance and influence that signage has on the atmosphere. Customers and employees, alike, are more likely to read signage that pops out from the wall, than simple, flat-to-the-wall signs. 

What are the Characteristics of Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional signage uses characters, made out of a variety of materials, to construct three-dimensional letters. The letters are mounted to a surface to spell out the content of your sign. The letters pop-out a few inches from the surface on which they are mounted, creating the illusion of floating.

The material and style you choose for your lettering affect the overall cost and longevity of your signage. You can choose from foam, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, copper, steel – and more. And, you can enhance your lettering with visually striking enhancements, like surface textures and backlighting.

Choosing Signage to Meet the Needs of Your Business

The right dimensional lettering for your business should meet your branding standards, budget, and the needs of your location. The most important function of your signage is to extend and enhance your brand image and business messaging. Even if your signage looks great and meets your budget, it doesn’t do your business as much good if the brand imaging is mismatched. 

Your business’s brand standards matter when it comes to choosing the best material for your dimensional lettering. Acrylic, plastic, and foam are good choices if you need colored lettering to match your branding. On the other hand, you can consider choosing a naturally colored material, like copper or steel, with backlighting that matches your brand standards.

The choice of material and lighting also is dependent on the location of your signage. Just about any material will be suitable for indoor signage, but outdoor signage is a different story. If you want your dimensional lettering mounted in a location where it will be exposed to the natural elements, it’s a good idea to pick a durable material, like metal or PVC. 

Lighting is an important part of the visibility of your sign. If your lettering is in a low-lit environment, backlighting will make your lettering visually stand out. If your lettering is for outdoors, backlighting helps your signage be seen at night. And, choose a letter size that matches your visibility needs

If your sign only needs to be visible to people indoors, up to 250-feet, your lettering doesn’t have to be larger than 10-inches. For outdoor visibility, up to a quarter of a mile, lettering needs to be significantly larger – up to 57-inches.The most important aspect of matching your brand standards is matching your letterings font. But, when it comes to designing your dimensional lettering, don’t go it alone. Talk to a sign design professional for a free consultation and see how your sign will look in a variety of dimensional lettering materials.